Made for Me Disposable Daily Absorbent Breast Pads  40s

Made for Me Disposable Daily Absorbent Breast Pads 40s

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Our daily absorbent breast pads have been impeccably designed to fit you and provide extra protection against leaks, giving you reassurance of staying dry and comfortable.

We know that even though you’re a mom, you are also still a woman who wants to look and feel good. Unlike other brands, our breast pads come in various sizes and are also designed to be shaped like you and your bra, so you don’t get any show through. Plus, the combined performance beats any of the leading brands of nursing pads in absorbency, fit, and leak protection. So mama, breastfeed your baby and wear what you want with confidence—we’ve got those leaks covered.

*Internal testing against three competitors demonstrated better combined performance of our breast pads on absorbency, fit, leak prevention and adhesion to bra