Original Sprout Curl Calmer 118 ml

Original Sprout Curl Calmer 118 ml

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‎Natural soothing for frizz from Original Sprout‎


  • ‎Extra moisturizing for dry or sensitive hair.‎
  • ‎Helps protect against split ends.‎
  • ‎For infants, children and adults.‎
  • ‎Measuring 6.0-7.0 pH Gentle on hair‎
  • ‎Smoothes and smoothes.‎
  • ‎Easy to rinse.‎
  • ‎For frizz-free hair.‎

‎100% veganFamily‎
‎ ‎‎FriendNormal‎
‎& Organicc‎

‎Family members love this original natural soothing from Original Sprutt. Enjoy strong, straight, frizz-free hair that leaves hair as silky soft and gorgeous. Moisturize on thick, dry hair and makes dyed hair stronger and softer. Strengthen hair and protect it against breakage with the plant-based jojoba protein. Keeps hair fresh and unimpregnated. Enjoy and relax with silky smooth, soft and gorgeous hair.‎